Benefits of Hiring a Storm & Wind Damage Public Adjuster

A hired Public Adjuster will significantly diminish the time you spend dealing with claim-associated issues. Their expertise allows them to educate you on how policies are enforced and what that means for your settlement. Moreover, your adjuster will guide you on proper protocol for repairs and documenting expenses, even if your claim is denied.

Enlisting the help of a professional adjuster generally produces a faster resolution. Their prowess averts the repeated request for additional information. As a result, the process is hastened so that you can begin your renovations as soon as possible.

Remember public adjusters for hurricane and storm protect your policyholder rights. An adjuster advocate gives you an advantage if your claim is denied. They understand your carrier’s expectations when submitting all documents, which means there is less room for error. Additionally, your adjuster can serve as a witness in the event you must take further action to attain your settlement.

Adjusters are hired by you for you. They will ensure fair value for your claim. In fact, a study in Michigan found that adjusters negotiate settlements up to 747% higher than security providers for commercial and homeowner property losses. This statistic is especially true after a catastrophe when they companies have a high volume of losses to process.