Insurance Claim Help for Religious Organizations In Michigan

Our public adjuster excel in managing your church claim or other religious institution claim. From fire, water, flood or storm damage, our licensed public adjusters will represent you and maximize your insurance claim payout GUARANTEED.

  • We Work For The Insured
  • We Fight On Your Behalf
  • We Maximize Insurance Claims
  • We Make Sure You Get A Fair Settlement
  • We Are With You Every Step Of The Way

Public Adjusters For Religious Institution Property Damage

Our team of Licensed Public Adjusters provide insurance claim assistance to commercial, industrial and religious institutions. We will maximize any Insurance Claim due to fire, water, flood, storm and content losses across Michigan.

“There are no upfront costs or any hidden fees. We don’t get paid unless you receive a settlement” 

Typically, We Charge The Industry Standard 10% But On Larger Loss Projects, We Will Negotiate That Number

10 Steps We Do To Help You Recover More!

Our Process


Michigan Public Adjusters That Help You “Recover Properly After A Disaster”

Our Public Adjusters specialize in non profit & church insurance claims

  • Typically, a policyholder hires a Public Adjuster to assist in filing an Insurance Claim to ensure a satisfactory settlement.
  • We will file your claim: Call us before you file your claim with your insurance company. We’ll properly file your claim to maximize your payout per your policy. If you’ve already filed your claim, or already received an unfair settlement, we can reopen the claim for you.
  • We service the entire state of Michigan for fire losses, flood losses and water damage losses. Our expert public adjusters have the ability to immediately mobilize to assist you with your insurance claim. Our Michigan public adjusting team include building estimators, contents estimators, appraisers & content loss consultants and a full support staff.
  • Our attention to detail is always the same, regardless of the size of the insurance claim. Our focus is on serving our clients – guide them through the entire claims process, speed their recovery & obtain the best settlement they are entitled to under their policy. When you have public adjusters local representing your interests in the insurance claim process, you don’t just have one specialist representing you, you have a team. You will have a certified specialist arrive to evaluate your claim. You will also have an experienced building estimator review any structural damage and provide real-world estimates for replacing what is damaged. Additionally, you will have a licensed public adjuster who is a skilled negotiator to represent your interests at all meetings with insurance company adjusters.
  • Even though an insurance company adjuster is sent to review your property damage insurance claim, the full responsibility of preparing and proving the claim falls on the insured, not the insurance company. Without assistance from a licensed public adjuster, some coverage may be overlooked, structural and contents damages could be missed, and the claim could be drawn out, all leading to a reduction in the final payout settlement. The insurance company adjuster is primarily concerned is minimizing and making sure that the insurance company does not pay any more than they have to.


We spoke earlier about our home in Redford MI. I want to say it was a pleasure talking with you and to Thank You so very much!!! for the time you took with me today, it means the world to me that you listened to all that we had been going through with our insurance company. No matter whether we will need your help or services, I just want to extend a very sincere Thank You for your time. I truly wish you prosperity health and safety.

Lisa Stafford, Hello Edward

This is a long awaited compliment for the work you did to resolve a very touchy water damage complaint. I was at my wits end until John Sweeney of Break The Mold strongly suggested I contact a public adjuster. My first phone call to your office answered all of my questions and I physically felt defeated until you came on board. Your representation completely took me out of responsibility to have contact with the insurance company adjuster from hell who i deemed had a personal agenda toward the end of the year of possibly attaining something from a denial of coverage. I couldn’t have done it without you! I had photo evidencing the damage but it fell on deaf ears until you put a descriptive pkg together submitting such to said adjuster. I had been dealing with this situation for nearly 4 months and was physically spent. Your professionalism got their attention and a settlement. Notably I am very grateful to you and for John directing me on the right path on something I had no knowledge even existed. Thank You Again

M McLaughlin, Thanks Ed