Why Hire A Public Adjuster To Assist With Your Fire Damage Claim?

Fire damage claims are particularly complex for the insured and usually expensive for the insurance companies. When a Fire damages your property, do not expect the insurance company to be very accommodating. For most fire claims, the insurer will thoroughly investigate the circumstances of the fire to prevent fire claim fraud, and take measures to minimize their losses. They may require the homeowner to submit an examination under oath or a recorded statement.

The days following the fire are crucial for the positive outcome of your insurance claim.  Missing important deadlines, not understanding the terms of your insurance policy, making errors when completing the forms, or relying just on the appraisal put forth by your insurance company,  may result in a smaller settlement, even a denied claim.

By working with a public adjuster from the start, to help discover and thoroughly appraise all the fire losses, file the insurance claim properly and on time,  and negotiate with the insurance company from an equal footing with the insurance company, you will secure the best chances for a successful claim. It will also leave you more time to deal with the other important aspects of your situation post-fire, and bring relief and peace of mind, knowing your claim is handled by qualified professionals.